We work closely with Mederrata Research and our other partner institutes in order to publically disseminate research findings and methodologies.


  • Joshua C. Chang, Hongjing Xia, Ted L. Chang, Rohit Mahajan, Sonya Mahajan, Sarah Nowak, Carson C. Chow, Interpretable (not just posthoc-explainable) mediation analysis for reducing hospital acquired conditions and unplanned readmissions,* Preprint coming soon.

  • Hongjing Xia, Joshua C. Chang, Sarah Nowak, Rohit Mahajan, Sonya Mahajan, Ted L. Chang, Carson C. Chow. Interpretable (not just posthoc-explainable) heterogeneous survivor bias-corrected treatment effects for assignment of postdischarge interventions to prevent readmissions, arXiv:2304.09981.

  • Joshua C. Chang, Ted L. Chang, Carson C. Chow, Rohit Mahajan, Sonya Mahajan, Joe Maisog, Shashaank Vattikuti, Hongjing Xia, Interpretable (not just posthoc-explainable) medical claims modeling for discharge placement to reduce preventable all-cause readmissions or death, AAAI 2023 AI for Social Good Workshop arXiv:2208.12814

  • Joshua C. Chang, Patrick Fletcher, Jungmin Han, Ted L. Chang, Shashaank Vattikuti, Bart Desmet, Ayah Zirikly, Carson C. Chow, Sparse encoding for more-interpretable feature-selecting representations in probabilistic matrix factorization , ICLR 2021 arXiv:2012.04171